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Ten Educators you should follow on Twitter: A list based on passion

"The educators I have chosen are so much more than their numbers of followers. They are thoughtfully vetted leaders in the fields of digital literacy, social and emotional learning, and educational policy."

The Case for cursive: Analog Tool in a digital world

"Technology makes me endlessly happy, but there are certain bits of the past that I cannot and will not ever give up. One of the many is writing long-hand, in cursive, with ink.  Please and thank you."

Future Librarians: Pro-literacy and everything in between

"Reading has become buried under Makerspaces, 3D printers, gadgets, and people’s visions of the ‘future of libraries’ so much so that I believe we have lost sight of our purpose as librarians and the field of school librarianship as a whole.."
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Food for Thought: Building Community through cooking

"I encourage each of you to think about your students’ needs and figure out something that stirs passion in you that would be meaningful to them. Take that—whatever it is—and bring it to them. They will thank you for it."
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My Makerspace Reeducation: From the Ground Up

"The best thing to come out of researching this article can be summed up in one word. Hope. Hope that the word fun will become part of educational parlance. Hope that curiosity, imagination and individuality will take their rightful place as the main course and not just a side-order to learning."


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My 4 Favorite Digital Literacy Articles of 2017

"It is obvious with a world such as the one in which we live, our jobs as educators are more important than ever. In a time of post-truth and fake news, literacy and critical thinking skills have never had such significance."